Birth Doula

“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart.
Be ready. Here comes life.”  -Maya Angelo
A Birth Doula is a trained childbirth professional who provides personalized support, guidance and information to expecting families throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period to aid in optimum birth outcomes and more enjoyable birth experiences. 

Your Comprehensive Doula investment package will include:

  • Pregnancy Support & Birth Prep:
    2 Prenatal Visits, in the comfort of your Home at 2-3 hours in length. Prenatal #1 is at 30 weeks. Prenatal #2  at 37 weeks. As a Certified Childbirth Educator, We work together to explore the various birthing and postpartum options available to families and all the information that goes with. I assist Families in building their birth preferences/birth plan, packing the hospital bag, decorating the birth space and creating an individual birth music playlist. Additionally, Families have access to a Lending Library with over 30 pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding books. After our extensive prenatal prep work together, Parents will enter their birth feeling supported, empowered and informed.
  • Always Available:
    Upon the sign of Contract, I am available 24/7 via Phone, Email or Text. Day or Night; I’m here for you and on call. If baby should come earlier than expected, I am still your Doula. All articles of the contract will be honored and I will make every effort to attend the birth and support your Family.
  • Birth Support:
    Bringing forth over 21 years of Doula experience, Expecting Families will receive continuous comfort measures, the use of a rebozzo, Yoga Balls, optimum positioning; I am trained in “Spinning Babies“, trained in providing a calming massage and various relaxation techniques, including HypnoBirthing . My Doula Bag is fully stocked to address the various ways birth can go. I bring Flameless Candles, twinkle lights, essential oils and Birth Affirmation cards, for that special soft comfort touch. I also pack nourishing snacks and electrolyte drinks in my bag for my Families; to maintain energy and stamina. Regardless of how a birth occurs, Doula fees do not increase (nor decrease) based on Birth Outcomes or Labor/Birth Duration.
  • Guaranteed Birth Doula Backup:
    Working as a Team with my fellow local Doulas, Parents will not be without support on their special day. I have multiple backups on standby to ensure all bases are covered. If Doula Backup is utilized, Parents will not have any additional fees. Doula backup will have the same credentials and experience level as myself and I pay her directly.
  • Birth Photography:
    What a Beautiful way to document your Birth Story! As we labor together I take a few snap shots along the way. Once baby is emerging, I take a step back and grab my camera: Capturing those first moments and the raw emotions of pure joy that come with. I tastefully document your Labor, Birth, “First Latch”, First Family Photos via my Nikon professional camera.  Birth Photography and editing are included in the Doula Package, (a $1,000+ value) at no additional fee!
  • Lactation Support:
    For Parents who desire to Breastfeed, I provide individual Lactation Support following the birth, for the duration of your Breastfeeding Journey. I typically stay 2-3 hours post birth with Mom to ensure those first latches are perfect and Breastfeeding begins flawlessly. Personalized Lactation support is also included in the Doula package, at no additional fee. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor, former Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and a Leader for La Leche League: Nocatee, with over 13 years of direct Breastfeeding experience and Study.
  • Postpartum Support:
    2 Postpartum In Home Visits in the comfort of your Home: To ensure Mom and Baby are bonding, healing and baby is feeding well. Visits are 2-3 hours in length, as needed. Just because your baby is born, does not mean the support ends. At the Family’s request, I can meet them at their home following discharge from the birthing center/hospital. I sit with Mom, help her rest, settle in, offer Breastfeeding support, get the initial breastfeeding hurdles addressed and remedied, assisting with newborn care. I will bring your family a complimentary nutritious warm meal to pop in the oven, along with a birthday cake! Lets celebrate your Birth, your baby and your new chapter: Motherhood! I am happy to assist new Parents in “show you the ropes”, to ensure the first few days into Parenthood are of ease, confidence and joy.

                               2023 BIRTH DOULA INVESTMENT PACKAGE:  $2100
                                        …believing in you, every step of the way…

  • Booking your Birth: First we meet to ensure we are a good fit for each other; a no pressure, complimentary consultation. (1-2 Hours) Upon the sign of contract, a non refundable retainer fee of $700 is due to book, $700 is due at Prenatal #1 (30 weeks) and $700 at Prenatal #2 (37 weeks); with all fees paid in full by 37 weeks, or at the birth, whichever comes first.
    Births booked after 34 weeks are paid in full and non refundable, pending availability. 
    All Contracts signed in November and December will obtain 2022 pricing: $1950/3 payments of $650 
  • Affiliate Program: Families who Birth at any of the local Birthing Centers or at Home will receive $100 off their Birth Doula Fee and a complimentary Maternity Photo Session at a location of their choice, at 37 weeks. Home Birth Midwives & Birthing Centers listed here
  • Home Birth Photography only: $1,000 for 100+ edited images (package includes a complimentary Maternity Photoshoot at 37 weeks)  *This package will not include any Doula support*
  • Payment Plans & Discounts: reduced pricing for: repeat families, Teachers, Active Military and Veterans. ($1,500) 
    I happily accept trades for services and tailored flexible payment plans. 
  • For High Profile/ Celebrity Clientele: a NDA/confidentiality clause will be signed.

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NRP Certified 
Adult & Infant CPR/First Aid, AED Certified 
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2021 Birth Stats
41 Births 
39 Vaginal Births 
2 C Sections 
7 Inductions: 6 Vaginal Births
100% VBAC rate, 5 yr in a row!
100% Breastfeeding initiation rate
93% still Breastfeeding at 6 mo 
4 Repeat Families
Over 50% Home birth/Birthing Center 


As seen on: Mama Knows Nada Podcast “All about Doulas”

“What is a Birth Doula?” 

A Birth Doula is a trained childbirth professional who provides personalized support, guidance and information to expecting families throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period to aid in optimum birth outcomes and more enjoyable birth experiences. 
Much like a Wedding Planner, Trail Guide or Travel Agent;
Doulas walk the journey with Families ensuring all those special touches and individual preferences are met. 

What a Doula is Not: 
Doulas are not medical professionals, do not perform medical care and do not deliver babies.
A Doula is not an OB, Doctor or Midwife.
A Doula offers family centered supportive care, guidance and advocacy. 

“I want an Epidural and to deliver in a Hospital, 
Do I still need a Doula?” 
Doulas attend births in a variety of settings. They support Families regardless of location and birth choices.
Your Body. Your Birth. Your Baby. Your Way. 
I have attended births in all the local hospitals, Birthing Centers and in Home Births; Medicated and Natural. 
Whatever your individual birth plans are, I will be there to support you. 

“Do I still need a Birth Doula if my Partner will be present at the birth?”
That is up to you. As a Doula, I am never to replace the role of the birth partner and to take away from ones birthing experience. The role of a Doula is to make the birth the best experience possible for all, keeping in mind that this is a Father’s/Partner’s birth experience, too. Doulas offer far more than just birth support! A Doula will offer multiple prenatal visits, pregnancy support, birthing information, childbirth education, birth prep, breastfeeding support and postpartum support. Many Dads have been grateful for having Doula support; we are a team. Doulas carry multiple credentials and have a plethora of pregnancy and Breastfeeding education. I have attended hundreds of births, have over 21+ years of experience and pull from these experiences to guide expectant families in obtaining their best birth, however it unfolds.

“Are You “in network” with insurance?  Do you take insurance plans?” 
While there are some health insurance policies that reimburse for Doula support,
I am not “in network” and do not take Medicaid. 
However, I do offer flexible low payment plans, Trades and Military/Veteran discounts.
I am happy to tailor an individual payment plan for Families.

“How many births do you take a Month?”
I run my business solo and am not an agency, I intentionally take on a low volume of clientele (2-4 births a month) to ensure I provide local Families with the highest level of personalized, quality, hands on care.
Quality over quantity will always be my business principle.

“What happens if Im in labor and you’re at another birth?” 
In the off chance I am at another birth, I always have multiple backup doulas available who offer a comparable level of experience and care. The use of a backup doula is included in the contract, at no additional fee.
Having more than one Mom in Labor, at the same time is very rare.

“Do you offer refunds?”
Yes, in extreme circumstances I do offer a partial refund;
especially in circumstances of a 1st or 2nd trimester loss.
I would never want a Family to pay for services they did not receive.

“What if I have a C Section Birth?”
I support Families in however Birth occurs. Birthing is individual; One size does not fit all. Either Scheduled or unplanned; Sometimes Babies require extra help to safely enter the world. Upon the approval of the Hospital Staff, I will be there for you. I stay close to Mom in the Operating Room and we recite a calm and peaceful Birth Affirmation to welcome your Baby. We will play music (often the Parents wedding song) as your Baby emerges. Once baby is out and on Mom’s chest for skin-to-skin, I ask everyone in the Room to softly sing “Happy Birthday” to your baby. Hearing that first cry with everyone singing together, welcoming your baby to the world, is so beautiful. If the Family desires my complimentary Birth Photography, I will take all the photos and video I can.  I stay until Mom is stable, has ate a hearty meal and Baby has nursed well.  All Doula Services mentioned above will still occur. Doula fees do not increase (nor decrease) based on Birth Outcomes or Labor/Birth Duration.

“Do you attend Unassisted births?”
In the state of Florida, Doulas are not allowed to attend homebirths without a Licensed Midwife present. 
. . . . .
I am committed to do all I can to make your birth the best experience possible, with memories to last a lifetime. 

“A Doula is like a trail guide. Familiar with the path, she keeps you hiking through the hard parts …knowing that the view at the end is incredible.”


Bellies, Boobs, Babies & Bliss 
“Believing in you, Every Step of the way”.
Supporting Families since 1998