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Birth Doula Investment Package: $ 1,500
Everything you deserve, all under one fee.

Upon the sign of contract, a non refundable deposit of $500 is due with a remainder of $1,000 to be paid by 37 weeks, or at the birth, whichever comes first. (Flexible payment plans are available)

Comprehensive Investment Package Includes Everything Listed Here:

  1. Pregnancy Support: 2 Prenatal Visits, in the Comfort of your Home. Access to a Lending Library, assistance in orchestrating Birth Plan Preference sheet that works best for you. I share collective research on Pregnancy, Initiation of Breastfeeding, Pumping, Birth & Newborn Procedures using Informed Consent, in-home Childbirth Education Evidence Based Research and Practice. Each visit takes place in the comfort of the Family’s home and is 2-3 hours in length. I pass along all the evidence based information to Families; they make the best birthing decisions based their own individual desires.
  2. Always Available: Upon the sign of Contract, I am available 24/7  via Phone, Email or Text. Day or Night, I’m here for you. If baby should come earlier than expected, I am still your Doula and all articles of the contract are honored.
  3. Birth Support: 100% full support during your birth, from beginning to end. Emotional, Physical and Mental Support. During the birth I provide continuous comfort measures, the use of a rebozzo, Yoga Balls, Optimum Positioning, “Spinning Babies, massage and various relaxation techniques, including HypnoBirthing . My Doula bag is stocked! Even if your Birth is a planned Cesarian, I stay with Mom for continuous support. (Upon the approval of hospital staff and providers) Per your desires: I can bring Crystals, Flameless Candles, lights and Birth Affirmation cards, for that special touch. I am committed to do whatever I can to make this experience special, peaceful, beautiful and memorable for all. Examples Here: Birth Photography
  4. Guaranteed Birth Doula Backup: Working as a Team with my fellow local Doulas, You will not be without support on your special day. I list 3 backups in the contract to ensure all bases are covered. If Doula Backup is utilized, there are no additional fees.
  5. Birth Photography: What a Beautiful way to document your Birth Story! I am happy to take pictures/videos, upon request, if possible. I document your Labor, Birth, “First Latch”, First Family Photos and Postpartum via my Nikon D7500 DSLR professional camera. Photos will be your property and never reproduced, without Parental consent. Additionally, I send Parents a digital image for the Birth Announcement. Birth Photography and editing is included in the Doula Package, at no additional fee!
  6. Lactation Support: For Parents choosing to Breastfeed, I provide Lactation Support following the birth, for the duration of your Breastfeeding Journey. I typically stay 2-3 hours post birth with Mom to ensure those first latches are perfect and Breastfeeding begins flawlessly. Unlimited Lactation support is also included in the Doula package. Parents may also schedule an in-home “Breastfeeding 101″ course, to answer any Breastfeeding questions and address concerns before Baby’s arrival. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and a Leader for La Leche League, with over 9 years of direct Breastfeeding Experience and Study.
  7. Full Postpartum Support: 1-2 Postpartum In Home Visits in the comfort of your Home: To ensure Mom and Baby are bonding, healing and feeding well. Visits are 2-3 hours in length, as needed. Just because your baby is born, does not mean the support ends.  At the Family’s request, I can meet them at their home following discharge. I sit with Mom, help her rest, offer Breastfeeding support, assist with Postpartum Care and make (or bring) everyone a nutritious meal.  I am happy to assist new Parents in “show you the ropes” of having a Newborn and ensure your first few days of transition are of ease, confidence and joy.
  • For High Profile/ Celebrity Clientele: a confidentiality clause will be signed. 

 I am committed to do all I can in making “The 4th Trimester” easier for all involved. Looking for Postpartum Doula or “Sibling Doula” Services? Click Here

  • I do offer Flexible Payment Plans and Trades for Services along with discounts for repeat families, WIC recipients, Active Military and Veteran. Have a Question about Fees and Payments? Please do not hesitate to send me a message (link below) I’d love the opportunity to work with you. Additionally, Doula fees do not increase (nor decrease) based on Birth Outcomes or Labor/Birth Duration. I am not a Doula agency, I operate solo to ensure consistency and offer optimum support for Families.

alex-hockett-366365-unsplash“What if I have a C Section Birth?”  I support the Birthing Person in however Birth occurs. Birthing is individual; One size doesn’t fit all. Either Scheduled or unplanned, Sometimes Babies require extra help to safely enter the world. Upon the approval of the Hospital Staff, I will be there for you. I stay close to Mom in the Operating Room and we recite a calm and peaceful Birth Affirmation to welcome your Baby. As Baby emerges, I ask everyone in the Room to softly sing “Happy Birthday” to your baby.  Hearing that first cry with everyone singing, is so beautiful. If you have desired Birth Photography, I will take all the photos and video I can. I stay until Mom is stable, has ate a hearty meal and Baby has nursed well. All Doula Services mentioned above (1-7) will still occur. Doula fees do not increase (or decrease) based on Birth Outcomes or Labor/Birth Duration.
Doulas improve Birth Outcomes Benefits to having a Doula


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beautiful-beauty-belly-1755207.jpg “Our Midwife recommended Jessica and she was right: Her experience, presence and knowledge was the perfect addition to our birth. Jessica brought calm and peace to the both of us. We feel so blessed to have been connected to Jess and have her help us through our second birth; in honoring our cultural birth traditions, I’m so grateful for that. My birth was everything I wanted and more.”  -Sa’Rah


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