Lactation Support


I  have 20 years of experience in working with newborns, new moms, multiples and preschoolers. Lactation is my passion; something I fell into once I had my oldest daughter in 2009. I know first hand just how hard Breastfeeding can be. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor from The Academy of Lactation Policy & Practice.  and have been an accredited Leader for La Leche League of Nocatee since 2013.

Breastfeeding/Chest-feeding can be tricky, stressful and overwhelming at times. With some Support and Guidance, Parents will find breastfeeding to be something absolutely wonderful; a beautiful outlet for bonding with your new baby. I would be delighted to help you! Lactation Support is included in my Doula Packages, at no additional fee.  

For parents in the Nocatee/Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, St Augustine, Florida area; I offer private in home consultations to assist in overcoming your Breastfeeding/Chest-feeding hurdles.  I come to your home, on your schedule, because when you have a new baby getting out of the house is hard enough! Together we will orchestrate a Plan that meets your individual Breastfeeding goals.

Your Journey is yours. I support you!

In-Home Lactation Services:

  • Offering guidance in proven Evidence Based methods to establish and maintain breast milk supply
  • Addressing nipple pain, soreness and healing
  • Nursing Multiples
  • Guidance on latching baby and comfortable positioning
  • Offering assistance and support in successfully breastfeeding multiple children, even twins and triplets and tandem feeding siblings
  • Offering assistance in overcoming breastfeeding fears and myths
  • Checking latch: helping to achieve a deep pain free latch, weighing baby before and after meals, to ensure proper weight gain
  • Experienced with premature exclusively Breastfed babies (NICU Experienced)
  • Helping to re-lactate
  • Information on Breastfeeding following a C Section Birth
  • Tongue Ties and Lip Ties
  • Pump set up
  • Experienced with addressing Over Supply
  • Experienced in addressing Low Supply
  • Support for Working Mothers; Pump Schedules/Freezer Stash
  • Connection to Milk Donors and local Milk Banks
  • Unbiased, evidence based information on safely supplementing  (if needed)
  • In Home Pump Demos, Supplemental Nursing System Demo, Nipple Shield Demo
  • Local Breastfeeding Support Group Information
  • Assisting Moms overcome and identify, thrush, mastitis, hind/formilk imbalances, allergies etc.
  • Simple how-to-guide on Nursing in Public, per your comfort.
  • Supportive Guide on overcoming negative, discouraging comments from family and friends.

In Home Consultations: $100

(1 time fee, no time limit, unlimited follow up visits included at no additional fee) To ensure we stay low in our Covid numbers in our “Nocatee bubble”, I am only doing Lactation appointments within our community. Payments are online via Venmo app. 

After the in home Lactation Visit I will send Parents a write up with links, information and resources to aid in their individual breastfeeding goals. Support is on going and for the duration of your breastfeeding journey.

For Breastfeeding Tips & Tricks: Follow me on Facebook!

Please call/text me directly to schedule (925)-768-2100 



For families recipients of WIC, Teen Mothers and those in financial hardship due to Covid-19: all Lactation support is complimentary. 

all are welcome

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