Postpartum Doula

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Bringing home a new baby can be overwhelming and met with much exhaustion.
Lets get you the rest you deserve so you can recover easier…and heal faster;
Enjoying your new chapter as a Mom all the more!
Having over 21 years of Birth & Postpartum Doula experience and as a seasoned Newborn Care Specialist, Hundreds of Families have found my support and guidance assisted in experiencing a joyful and confident transition to Parenthood. 
 Families will get rest and I will do quiet, light chores (yes, even laundry!) in between baby feedings/snuggles, as time permits.
While I do have an extensive background in Lactation;
I support Families in however they chose to nourish their baby.
Happy to help Mom establish a night time Pump schedule that allows for optimum rest and maximize supply. 
Judgement free support, always with your personal goals in mind. 

Gift Certificates Available
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

  • $40 an hour: Singletons
  • $45+ an hour: Twins 
  • Much experience in helping Mothers recover from C Section delivery
  • Much experience in supporting Mothers recover from and avoid Postpartum Depression
  • For families who have booked Birth & Postpartum doula services, a deposit is required for both services; contracts are separate. 
  • Contract duration is flexible; typically Parents book 5 nights a week, 9pm to 7am, for 8 weeks, for maximum postpartum support and recovery. (9 hour minimum per night) 
  • Hourly Rates include Toll and Gas within a 40 mile radius of Ponte Vedra/ Nocatee. 
  • For High Profile/ Celebrity Clients: a confidentiality clause will be signed.

Please Note: Due to extensive research in the brain development of an Infant, I do not execute any “cry it out”, “sleep training”, Baby Wise or Ferber Methods. I follow a holistic, natural and gentle approach to caring for new babies; keeping in mind their individual developmental stage. 

Ready to take the next steps?
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