Postpartum Doula

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Postpartum Doula
Certified Newborn Care Specialist  

 I have over 21+ years of hands on experience with Singletons, Preemies, Twins, Babies with medical needs.  Typically I work the “night shift” (9pm-7am) so parents can recover and rest following birthing. Getting adequate sleep is essential to healing and recovery after pregnancy and Birthing. Parents will get undisturbed rest and I will do quiet, light chores in between baby feedings/snuggles, as time permits.
Night support is a 9 hour minimum; Contracts are flexible in duration taking into consideration the goals and needs of each Family. While I do have an extensive background in Lactation; I support Families in however they chose to nourish their baby. I tailor my support and care to meet the individual needs of each Family.

Gift Certificates Available
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  • $40 an hour (Singletons, Day/Night Care & Postpartum Doula)
  • $45+ an hour: Twins, Night Care & Postpartum Doula
  • $50+ an hour (Twins requiring special care at night: prematurity, apnea monitoring, feeding/G tube, etc)
  • Night Relief/NCS contracts booked more than 1 month in advance will require a $1,000 retainer fee, credited back to the family on the last week of the contract. 
    Families who book Birth Doula Services and Postpartum Nights will receive priority scheduling on my Calendar. 
  • Contract duration is flexible; typically Parents book me for 5 nights a week, 9pm to 7am, for 10 weeks, for maximum postpartum support and recovery. 
  • Hourly Rates include Toll and Gas within a 40 mile radius of Ponte Vedra/ Nocatee. 
  • For High Profile/ Celebrity Clients: a confidentiality clause will be signed.

Please Note: Due to extensive research in the Brain Development of an Infant, I do not execute any “cry it out”, “sleep training”, Baby Wise or Ferber Methods. I follow a holistic, natural and gentle approach to caring for new babies; keeping in mind their individual developmental stage. 

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