Postpartum Doula

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Postpartum Doula & Night Relief Services 

 I have much experience as a Postpartum Doula/Newborn Care Specialist for Singletons, Preemies, Twins, Babies with Medical needs.  I have took on the night shift (9pm-7am) so parents can recover and rest following delivery. Imagine waking up after a full nights rest to your happy, fed baby and a clean home. Your coffee is prepared. Your breakfast is ready. Your pump parts are sanitized and clean. Baby laundry is done and put away. Your baby has been bathed, dressed and you both are ready for the day ahead. Parents get sleep and I do quiet, light chores in between baby feedings/snuggles, as time permits. Night support is a 9 hour minimum; Contracts are flexible in duration and are based upon the individual needs and goals of the Family.


  • $35 an hour (Singletons)
  • $40 an hour (twins)
  • $45 an hour (Twins requiring special care: prematurity, apnea monitoring, feeding tube etc)
  • Due to extensive research in the Brain Development of an Infant, I do not execute any “cry it out”, “sleep training”, Baby Wise  or Ferber Methods.

Birth Doula Families get 1st priority of availability.

Gift Certificates Available.