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Resources for Families in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee and St Augustine Florida areas

I do not have any financial incentives to recommend the providers, literature and businesses listed on this page.


Local Midwives, Birthing Centers and Home Births Providers:

Midwife Interview Questions   ❤   *Click here to book your Doula!* 

In Hospital Providers, High Risk Specialists & Obstetrics:

Pediatricians in Jax, Ponte Vedra Beach Florida: 

Local Breastfeeding Support: 

Online Childbirth Education:

Local Chiropractors, Trained in Webster Technique:  

Acupuncture, Prenatal Massage & Wellness: 

3D/4D Ultrasound: 

> Pregnancy & Breastfeeding safe Hair Salon and Luxury Med Spa: Salon Honey + Sage in St Augustine

> If your family could benefit from professional in home organizers, unbox the house and help you move in, I highly recommend the talents of: Order & Co.

Evidence Based Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Research: 

Safe Co Sleeping Information:

Tongue Tie Specialists: 

Placenta Ecapsulation:

Birth Trauma & Postpartum Support/Mental Health:

Massage Therapists: 

Pelvis Floor Rehab & Physical Therapy:

VBAC Support Groups: 

Naturopathic/Homeopathic Medicine:  

Babywearing Groups & Information:

Thinking About Circumcision?

Night-Weaning Book:

Recommended Viewing: Documentaries 

Recommended Reading:

Information on Essential Oil Use & Disclosures:

  • Using Essential Oils Safely
  • I do not have Aromatherapy Credentials, thus my Essential Oil use is quite limited. I do not diffuse or apply oils during Labor/Delivery, to protect the instinctual Mother/Baby hormonal exchange. To purchase oils, I recommend Edens Garden
  • I do not use any MLM Essential Oils or MLM products. I will never solicit my Clients to purchase any products to financially benefit me. I find these actions to be incredibly unethical.

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